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Carbon Tax going through next week. ALP set to be global patsies.

Posted By Joanne Nova On September 7, 2011 @ 12:35 am In Global Warming | Comments Disabled

You wouldn’t wish a wounded government on any nation. They’re too dangerous.

The timing could hardly be worse. We’re about to force our nation to spend far more on its energy than it has too, while our competitors are decidedly not doing that, and the world faces a economic meltdown of the “generational” type. We’re the last cab off the rank in a race to nowhere and most of the competitors have moved on to other events.

“Far from saving the worker, the ALP have become the unwitting schmucks who screwed the workers to help the banksters”.

In a desperate bid to score a “bounce” in the dismal polls, Gillard is pushing through the carbon legislation next week.

The 15 minutes of fame or a face saving “legacy” will last only until the rest of Australia wakes up to just how monumentally stupid, utterly pointless, and expensive and ineffectual this tax is. And they are waking up. The rise of skepticism in the polls is a one way street, a monotonic increase. No one is shifting into the believer camp.

Only an idiot would think a tax can change the weather.

Far from making skeptics “give up”, the legislation will galvanize the activists, industry, and the disorganized grassroots campaign. There will be no let up, no escape from the relentless bad news as Australia becomes the last nation on Earth to fall headlong for the witchdoctor’s scare campaign.

The storms are coming. Pay us your tithe!

The growing ridicule and satirical jibes will eat ALP credibility for breakfast. 

Whats the opposite of skeptical? Gullible.

Labor has to dump the tax.

The carbon tax gives the parties enemy too much fertile fodder.

“What’s left of the pitiful last remnants of Australian-manufacturing will move to Ghana.”

Canada, Japan and China — will not be joining any “carbon schemes”, and nor will the US, where republicans openly call carbon-schemes “a scam“. To a man (or woman) they’re running to distance themselves from the politically correct (and scientifically incorrect) litany that “CO2 is pollution.” The backlash is sweeping through the party. No pussy-footing kow-towing allowed.

What is happening now  in the US will happen in Australia. The Labor Party will look like gormless patsies who fell for a barking mad idea, childishly self-aggrandizing themselves. Kidding themselves that they have a God-like ability to a/stop the storms, or b/influence other nations to take grandiose meaningless sacrifices in the name of impressing the UN. All because 60 B-grade scientists and a foreign committee told them to sacrifice the nation to prevent the same floods, droughts, and nasty bad-weather which has been striking us since time began.

Far from saving the worker, the ALP have become the unwitting schmucks who screwed the workers to help the banksters. The financial houses will quietly cheer, beaming at the thought of all the brokerage fees from the coming emissions trading scheme. The workers will pay more for their holidays, their food, their clothes, and their home improvements. Their bosses will scale back expansions, cut jobs, and send less money to the workers who are left. What’s left of the pitiful last remnants of Australian-manufacturing will move to Ghana.

There will be no long term recovery in the polls until the gullible self-serving fools stop trying to run the country.

The Australian Labor Party need a revolution. It needs to grow up.

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