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Another 10:10 parody

Posted By Joanne Nova On October 9, 2010 @ 3:56 am In Global Warming | Comments Disabled

Note: There’s gratuitous offensive violence here, all from the original 10:10  eco-snuff movie. I wrote about the deplorable nature of this in  Sick green-psycho-stars want to kill your children.

The first 1 min:18 of this is jolly good fun (watch that well informed class give the teacher a hard time), then, of course, you-know-what-happens. The Ten Ten Classroom Debate.

I know a few people would prefer the parodies were not here. I understand. But sadly this is tribal warfare. Bullies don’t respond to reason, but they do respond to ridicule.

We can’t make them un-do their original noxious nasty shocker (they made it a private video — meaning their “friends” are still enjoying watching it). It’s out there, it’s feeding the empty minds of zealots. Whether we like it or not, we  are compelled to use their own images to limit the damage. When the parodies rate well on YouTube the creators of the originals see their own sick-job out-rated, out-scored, and know that people are laughing at them.

Their sick video gives every no-name bully on their team a cheap thrill. We turn that thrill into a cringe.

Note the really important thing about the parodies is that we don’t use them to threaten the lives of others. We are not blowing up people who disagree with us. Our versions are fundamentally different to theirs. Our parodies show how dangerous they are…

A lot of people don’t read blogs, but they do surf YouTube.


Then see Barry Woods comment #1 below. Thanks Barry :-)

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