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The Watts Up Tour in WA

Posted By JoNova On June 30, 2010 @ 4:35 pm In Global Warming | Comments Disabled

Narrogin Observer Climate Skeptics Headline

Narrogin Observer Climate Skeptics Headline (Click to read it)

UPDATE: See Quadrant for Anthony’s thoughts on this news story.

For those who are wondering, The WA leg of the Watts Up tour was thoroughly enjoyed by many. People drove up from as far as Albany to watch us in Narrogin – three hours each way on a dark foggy night. And the UWA lecture theatre was fairly packed with people including some who’d also driven over 300 km. Skeptics are passionate people. I was delighted to meet many of the commenters around Perth. The speeches were fast paced and covered so much ground. I’ve been delighted also to meet the fabulous Anthony Watts in person. David Archibald is always entertaining… :-) The two of them have met an impossible schedule criss-crossing a continent. I’m ever so grateful they were able to make it to WA.

The Narrogin Observer is not the New York Times, but you can be sure that a front page headline like the one above (out today) will be read by thousands of people.

The hilarious Speedy (who I finally met!) sent me his thoughts on the Narrogin event:

But for me, perhaps the most telling image of the evening was Janet’s banana cake. Janet was the event organiser. Janet took the bookings for the evening, Janet organised the volunteers, she booked the hall and she cooked a banana cake to go with the cuppa at half time. She even sent us an email to tell us how to get to the hall. Janet didn’t get paid a cent.

Compare this to the Copenhagen extravangza. The money, the waste, the vanity. Where Al Gore expected $1,200 for the pleasure of shaking your hand.

At Narrogin, the real star was the message. The message is that the science of Global Warming is not only far from settled, it’s far from credible. And that we ordinary people have the responsibility to question bad science before it becomes enshrined in bad policy and a burden to future generations.

That’s so us. The cottage industry of conscientious concerned citizens who are not willing to be duped, or to let the naked grab for power get away with half-truths in the name of science. We’ll do whatever we can to make sure the baseless fears are exposed before more people are hurt and real environmental problems get worse through neglect.

I’ll post a little later today on my thoughts about the significant move that has recently happened that I am very pleased with. They are responding to us… they are lifting their game… small unbacked people can make a difference :-)

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