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The red tape protest has started

Posted By JoNova On January 7, 2010 @ 4:38 am In Global Warming | Comments Disabled

James Loring in Tasmania has had a great idea to support Peter Spencer. He took something known as “flagging tape”, added a scarecrow, and a slow moving sheep and created this message for the world to see.

The scarecrow struggles against the clauses, enactments and forms of parliamentary legislation known as red tape. Rarely does an eye catching protest fit the theme as aptly as this.

Once this becomes known as a protest against overbearing, complex, self-defeating government rules it will catch on. “Red-tape” your letter box, your fence posts, your trees and your dog*. Tell the world, the government and our laws should serve us, not strangle us.

Please send in photos of your creative displays to me (joanne At joannenova.com.au). I will post as many as I can. (Images that are 600 px wide in gif or jpg format would be ideal. :-) )

Who sells Flagging tape?

Forestry workers use it, and industrial suppliers like J Blackwood may have it. It’s about $2-4 dollars a roll, and I have a feeling that there will suddenly be all kinds of red-tape displays all around Australia.

As I get details I’ll update this page with information on where you can get this type of tape.  Here are a few I googled.

Prospectors Earth Sciences sell red tape for $2.99 a roll. They sell tapes with messages like “Riparian Management Zone”, “Killer Tree” and “Escape Route” which conjure up tempting ideas, but better stick to Red!

 Forestry Tools sells tapes for $4 ea / $2.75  They’re environmentally friendly lasting up to two years before they degrade. Here’s hoping we won’t need them to last that long.

The Agmates Page the idea was born on.

*Making sure no harm comes to any animals in the creation or testing of this product.

I put up TWO posts at once, so if you’re interested in the Peter Spencer story there’s real news here.

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