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Peter Spencer rally a big success

Posted By Joanne Nova On January 4, 2010 @ 4:04 pm In AGW socio-political,Global Warming | Comments Disabled

Peter Spencer Rally outside Parliament House

Over 300 people have rallied in support of Peter Spencer outside Parliament House today, and the ABC* have covered it (at least on their website).

Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce also addressed the crowd, calling for a Royal Commission into vegetation laws. He says the state laws have robbed farmers across Australia of their assets.

“It might have been legally possible but it was totally unjust,” he said.

Senator Joyce says Mr Spencer should cease his hunger strike but the fight for justice should continue.

“This is obscene,” he said. “The Government became the thief of an asset and when the Government becomes a thief of an asset – when the individual is divested of an asset without payment – there is a word for that and unfortunately without being too dramatic the word is communism.”

Some of the protesting farmers are now travelling to Mr Spencer’s property to offer their support.

Unmentioned on the ABC story was that there are allegations that the interstate chartered buses for this event were targeted by Road Traffic Authority (RTA) inspectors. Bus inspections were suddenly arranged, which can take up to 6 hours, and incredibly called for over the New Years Day holiday and weekend? These inspections are legal, but the timing, if this is true, is extraordinary.

One of the bus company operators confirmed that a man who identified himself as an inspector from the Department of Road Transport and Infrastructure had called the company on New Year’s Day from a motel in Coffs Harbour and announced a “safety inspection” would be conducted on their bus. The company promptly cancelled the previously-announced service to Canberra as such inspections can take up to six hours. Cars were organized instead. The other company was also reported to have cancelled its service. [Freedom Graffiti]

This is the fast encroaching face of fascism-by-stealth, where governments create a prickly web of legal clauses then pick and choose whether to ignore or enforce the laws. By so doing, those in power can selectively help friends and hurt enemies. The only thing that stands against it is the free press. Where are the journalists? Who will pursue these rumors and find out if RTA inspectors were dispatched with the express purpose of harassing protest buses.  If true, those bus charter companies may have also lost some income.

REQUEST: Here’s hoping the ABC put the story on the radio and TV news broadcasts as well. The ABC website has done at least 8 stories on Peter Spencer which is commendable, but it’s not clear where these have been displayed (perhaps our ABC could include a list of where their stories are published when they post them). If you see or hear a mention of Peter Spencer on your local news broadcast please post a comment here. I’m especially curious to know if the ABC will put this item in their nightly news bulletins around Australia.

*ABC here means Australian Broadcasting Corporation – our government funded media.

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