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Yet another victory for grassroots action. Here is the first Asian language translation of The Skeptics Handbook.

Email it to all your Japanese friends!

The Japanese translation has been provided by the International Access Corporation (IAC), a research and consulting company specializing in energy sector issues and headed by nuclear engineer, Tomohiro Yuki.  As a long term skeptic of the man-made climate change theory, Mr. Yuki believes that this publication will be welcomed by the people and policymakers in Japan who are increasingly demanding a more balanced debate about climate change.

I hear that Mr Yuki is very well connected in science, government, business and media circles in Japan.  He has been an active global-warming skeptic over the last 2-3 years and has amassed a large audience for his emails.

I also hear that,  in spite of Japan’s public commitment to climate change regulation,  in private conversations with policy makers, apparently real doubts are starting to be expressed. (That was even before the ClimateGate revelations.)

With Copenhagen a few days away this is the perfect time to spread copies of the Japanese translation especially for the bureaucrats sitting on the fence.

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