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The rise of the unskeptical scientist

Posted By Joanne Nova On November 17, 2009 @ 2:27 am In Global Warming | Comments Disabled

I’ve done it, I’ve finally solved the dilemma of how to refer to scientists who actively promote a crisis due to carbon, but can’t provide the evidence that carbon causes major warming. Not Team-AGW, not alarmist, A far better one has come to me.

Once upon a time, a scientist and a skeptic used to be one and the same thing. Actually, it still is. The motto of The Royal Society — the longest lived scientific association in the world, is Nullius in Verba — “On no one’s word” (take no one’s word for it).  The Climate Industry marketing has tried to turn “skeptic” into a dirty word. So in perfect symmetry, if we are Skeptical Scientists, they are obviously:

theUnskeptical Scientists

(or “Unskeptics” for short).

What could be more appropriate?

It covers all bases; is true to its form, and if you think being a skeptic is so unattractive, it’s flattering —right? I can see them queuing up now to print the badges proclaiming themselves as the proud people who are not skeptics. So in the spirit of helpfulness I’ve done them up their very own T-Shirt and Badge —copyright free.

Badge for Unskeptical Scientists.

It’s time to reclaim the term skeptic. It is, after all, just what a scientist is. It’s time to rescue the brand of the word skeptic, and rebadge those who are not… skeptical.

Badge for Unskeptical Scientists.

It reflects their PR campaign right back at them.

These images are available for anyone to use. Click here for a larger size.   :-)

Download: Unskeptical Scientists Trust Committees (the red and white rectangle above)

Illustrator “Trust Committees” 660kb ….Tif “Trust Committees” 115kb

Powerpoint “Trust Committees” 300kb

Download: Unskeptical Scientists Have Faith (the circular one above right)

Illustrator “Orange Unskeptical Badge” ….Tif “Orange Unskeptical Badge”

Powerpoint “Orange Unskeptical Badge”

There are other coloured versions available too.

Link: The Royal Society. For all their faults, even though they harassed Exxon for no good reason, they were the ones who insisted Briffa post his data.

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