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The cliff of political oblivion: laws based on fraud

Posted By JoNova On November 25, 2009 @ 8:59 pm In AGW socio-political | Comments Disabled

As news races around the blog world and the tip of the iceberg breaks into the mainstream media,¬† people are waking up to the scam. Australia is in the extraordinary position of passing legislation that is known to be based on fraudulent science. True, it’s only been days since the news broke, but our politicians have Blackberries. It only takes seconds for the information to reach the palm of their hands, but it may take years for the meaning to filter through flawed neural software.

 Cartoon of the Cliff of Public Opinion

The implications are extraordinary. The unfolding ClimateGate scandal shows criminal behaviour from “leading scientists”. It damns the integrity of the IPCC process — which based its reputation on these men and their work. Legal attacks are starting. This is just the beginning. Even the big-name believers in the theory¬† (such as Monbiot) are asking questions they have never asked before. Blogs are coming alive with anger, with disgust, mockery and now the real war begins. Smart well educated (but busy) people like surgeons, lawyers, professors and CEOs are getting motivated. As this top layer of brains and energy coalesces into action, the scandalous neglect of many politicians will be exposed for public consumption.

How will the public feel knowing that each household will pay at least $1,100 per year more in Australia for a scheme that profits bankers and third world mafiosi, but achieves nothing for the environment or their children’s future?

Voters will learn to detest the fake scheme and will deplore those who were so gullible that they could not see the scam.

The realization that the CO2 theory is fraudulent is spreading across the political spectrum, from right to left. Hard nosed realists first, ideologues last. In Australia, the Nationals are aware, and now the Liberals are waking up to it. The ALP will be next. Some Greens may never see it.

Pew Poll Belief in Climate Change

It’s clear that people on the conservative side of politics woke up first as the science changed and the evidence shifted. The turning point for the Republicans in the US was 2007. The turning point for Independents, 2008. Maybe 2010 for the Democrats?

The Australian Labor Party feel strong and superior right now looking at the Liberal disarray, but the rising tide of awareness will sweep through them soon too. The majority of the public will realize that the Labor Government has wrecked the economy over a fraud driven by status-seeking zealots and profit-seeking corporations, and Labor will be very unpopular. Then in the Labor Party the pragmatists will battle the politically correct (who will never concede). Climate change could tear the Labor Party apart sometime in the next few years.

History will condemn the ETS legislation.

UPDATE: And if anyone wonders if the news of the scam will reach the masses, check out this video. “Hide The Decline”. There is no way this will stay suppressed. That’s it. This is the tipping point.

UPDATE: The Australian reports that the Nationals offices, have received more then 10,000 messages of support in the past two days, including many requests for membership forms and multiple requests that the party stand candidates. It would appear that the electorate is shifting already.

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