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Scientists find one place on Earth that climate change is good for

Lo and Behold — climate change “may” help feed the starving Ethiopians and turn the nation into a “food exporting country”.

( That sounds pretty serious. Pay billions –  Stop That Now!)

With so many climate models, sooner or later one was going to turn up something good — in much the same way that Lotto somehow “finds” the winner. Incredibly the happy possibility even made it into a press release.

Perhaps it is safe to admit that climate change may help people in a country where the UN is not wanting to scare the voters into buying carbon credits?

Where are the headlines “Burn Oil and help feed Ethiopia?”

Where are the Green NGOs who see an opportunity here to get Ethiopia on its feet? Don’t they believe the climate models –  Or is it that they don’t really give a toss about hungry black kids?

Climate change may help Ethiopia, increase the country’s access to water

A team of researchers from Virginia Tech have predicted that water availability in the Blue Nile Basin of Ethiopia may increase in coming decades due to global climate change. It could also lead to increased crop production, spur massive hydroelectric power projects, and foster irrigation development in the region.

“For all the catastrophic impacts of climate change, there are some silver linings,” said Zach Easton, associate professor of biological systems engineering. “The sad irony is that climate change may be the catalyst Ethiopia needs to become a food-exporting country.”

What if a climate model found that a wealthy developed nation (aka “a UN cash cow”) would be better off …


  1. Moges B. Wagena, Andrew Sommerlot, Anteneh Z. Abiy, Amy S. Collick, Simon Langan, Daniel R. Fuka, Zachary M. Easton. Climate change in the Blue Nile Basin Ethiopia: implications for water resources and sediment transport.Climatic Change, 2016; DOI: 10.1007/s10584-016-1785-z
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US donors funding activists to shut down Australian mines, ports and rail, approved by Hillary’s right-hand-man?

The Australian has been busy exposing how the supposedly grassroots anti-coal groups in Australia are being funded by the US and with the full knowledge and approval of John Podesta who used to be a special counselor to Barak Obama and is now Hillary’s campaign chairman. Thanks to Wikileaks for the info.

Restrictions needed on overseas charities funding legal battles

The US money was designed to bankroll a strategy developed five years ago by green activists to “stop Australia’s coal export boom”.

The focus of these efforts was to “run legal challenges that delay, limit or stop all of the major infrastructure projects (mines, rail and ports)”.

A particular priority was to stop the Adani coalmine in central Queensland that would employ up to 10,000 Australians and provide high energy, low impurity coal to India, where 300 million people still do not have access to electricity.

And Hillary wants us to believe that Trump is “risky” and “unpredictable” for foreign relations? This kind of industrial sabotage is a good way to hobble the competition — though playing mean and deceitful with your dedicated allies usually works better if done from secure computers, eh? For Hillary it’s such cosmic bad luck that she keeps  employing people who brag about deplorable, dishonorable and even criminal actions in emails and on video. A pack of cheats. Naturally she’ll sack the lot of them, and make it clear to US donors that this sort of thing is never to happen again: “Think of the children in India”.

This seems an apt moment to remind people that most voters think that Hillary’s greatest achievement was to be Secretary of State. Hmm.

The emails show that the funders included the Sandler Foundation, the Sea Change Foundation, the Tilia Fund, the Growald Family Fund and the Flora Family Foundation.

In other words, the legal challenges have not come from Mackay, Bowen or Townsville or from local landholders.

Instead they have come from Boston, Boulder and Berkeley from vanity pose foundations uninterested in the double digit unemployment rates in northern Queensland towns or energy access in India.

Green activists keep looking more and more like useful idiots for big money, and in this case, for foreign interests. These are true international grade suckers who help to keep people unemployed in Australia, and keep millions of children in poverty in India while they try to stop the sea rising with windmills.

Brendan Pearson notes:

A legitimate question is this: Did Podesta actively support, co-ordinate, condone or encourage this effort while in the White House?

We give him the benefit of the doubt.

The Adani mine is hoping to be a 40 year project. If Australia doesn’t dig up this coal, India will have to buy lower quality coal from elsewhere, or dig up their own, and that will produce up to 30% more CO2 (as well as increasing real pollution).

Green activists must not usurp national sovereignty

The Australian Editorial:  Australia’s reputation as a reliable source for investment is on the line. For that reason, but also in the interests of our balance of trade, federal and state budgets and 200 million poor people in remote Indian villages in urgent need of power, Australian governments must not allow their authority to be abrogated by green activists across the Pacific, in inner-urban areas of Australia or elsewhere. As Tony Abbott said before he lost the prime ministership, the rules covering environmental groups delaying major mining projects through the courts should be tightened. The Turnbull government needs to act sooner rather than later to prevent vexatious litigation holding up vital projects.

In their quasi-religious zeal to rid the world of fossil fuels, green activists have elevated themselves, in their own narrow minds and those of their followers, to infallibility status (egged on, ironically, by Pope Francis’s flawed climate change encyclical, Laudato Si). But their arguments against the Adani project are morally and economically bankrupt and would confine millions of people to poverty and filth.

Bad cooking and heating fuels (like dung)  cause smoke damage and leads to 4 or 5 million deaths each year.

India is not happy.

Coal activists risk driving India away

Dennis Shanahan, Michael McKenna

A highly orchest­rated, secretly foreign-funded group of Australian environ­mental activists ­oppos­ing the $16 billion Adani coalmine in Queensland has “dampened” ­Indian investment interest in Australia and received heated criticism from the federal ­Coalition and Queensland Labor governments.

Indian Power Minister Piyush Goyal told The Australian yesterday the years of legal challenges to the vast Carmichael coal project, now revealed to have been funded by multi-million-dollar foundations in the US, “will certainly dampen future investments” from India.

The Australian has several articles (probably paywalled).

Look closer at anti-coal groups

Green lobby plays hardball but economics still king

Activists must respect sovereignty

The warmists who love to play Green,
Are on fuels from fossils most keen,
As they happily get,
On board any jet,
Which for them, just like us, is routine.

  — Rauiri

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US debate: It’s no accident climate change is ignored — it’s a poison pill a pollie would prefer to hide

Climate change is not ignored in the election, it’s hidden, because most voters don’t care, and don’t want to pay.

Perplexed! Vox and others just can’t figure out why climate change is being ignored in this election.

“That’s 4 straight debates without a single question on climate change.”

Oh no?!  Humanity is about to destroy civilization and Brad Plumer wants to know why ” the most powerful nation on Earth can’t set aside five minutes to discuss.”

Plumer obviously hasn’t read the polls, but the Clinton team will have. It’s no accident that Hillary Clinton dropped any mention of climate change after she had neutralized Bernie Sanders. His fans are the only ones who care. Tom Steyer tried in the 2012 election and wasted 74 million dollars achieving almost nothing on the back of the “climate” scare.

Poll after poll shows that the public are happy to say they “believe in climate change”, and don’t mind if “the government” wants to give their grandchildren nice weather.  But don’t ask them personally to pay: when their money is on the table, the awful truth is they don’t believe the experts, and they don’t want to spend their own money. The poll results are devastating:

More than half of western voters are skeptics

In the UK, 62% don’t believe in a man-made climate threat. Likewise,  most Canadians are skeptics, and when CBC accidentally admitted that unthinkable truth, then they had to “edit” the story to reframe it. (We can’t have the public knowing that most people are skeptics. Think of the momentum!). In Australia, 54% of voters are skeptics of man-made global warming, and 80% don’t donate to environmental causes or vote for it.

So bring it on, say we skeptics, get that climate talk out into the election campaign, put it front and centre and watch the voters run away from  anyone who wants to force them to pay to slow the storms.

Carbon schemes have to be hidden to get past the voters

Rarely have voters had a real choice on the climate policies — but they did in Australia in 2013, and they voted for the skeptic in a landslide. Since then, the smarter climate lobbyists know that they can only get “carbon trading” legislation if  the public don’t know its coming. The dead dog that is climate action must be hidden under some other meaningless title like the “Safeguard” mechanism. That’s how it happened in Australia. Australians voted for “no carbon tax” two times in a row, then the party threw out the PM, and the carbon tax was quietly snuck in as a subclause, a spare mechanism, that could be sold as “nothing much” if anyone discovered it, but had the potential to be amped up as needed after the legislation was passed by a House and Senate that probably didn’t even know what they were signing.



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US Election: the smear-war is there to stop people talking about the issues

Ann Coulter explains why the election talk is almost all about scandals and smear, the last thing they want is for the campaign to be about the issues: Hillary has the media on her side, but Trump’s advantage is practically every policy.

[T]he media’s entire campaign against Trump is to prevent him from talking about policy. They would rather talk about fat-shaming than trade, immigration and jobs.

Sometimes, it seems like Trump is cheating by taking the vastly more popular side of every issue. The official GOP used to send its candidates out with ankle weights, a 75-pound backpack and blinders. But Trump didn’t agree to take any staggeringly unpopular positions, however much the Business Roundtable loved them.

He’s against amnesty, for building a wall, against the Trans-Pacific Partnership, for Social Security, against the Iraq War and for extreme vetting of Muslim immigrants.

That’s why the media have to change the subject to something flashy that will capture the attention of the most down-market, easily fooled voters. Trump is a groper!

Trump has been a rich celebrity for 40 years, employing thousands of women, but this is the first time he has been seriously accused of any sexual impropriety. You will recall that, just this May, The New York Times conducted a major investigation into Trump’s treatment of women — and came up empty-handed. …

Add climate scares to the list of topics the Dems would rather weren’t an election topic.

Other ways to stop people talking about the issues: block, censor, ban

Twitter has blocked James O’Keefe, the man who released two hot videos exposing Democrat cheating and vote rigging. Because twitter is not the place for people who use accurate quotes to discuss hot politics, right?

Candians Ezra Levant and Rebel Media have been banned by the U.N. Media Censor from attending the U.N. Marrakech Climate Change Conference as accredited journalists.

The three banned journalists are full-time professionals: Sheila Gunn Reid, the Rebel’s Alberta bureau chief and bestselling author; Meaghan MacSween, a producer, formerly with Global News and Sun News Network; and Alex Jones, a cameraman and editor, also formerly of Sun News Network.

The one-line excuse offered by the UN is that we are “advocacy journalists”…

… as opposed to “impartial journalists” that blindly cut and paste any press release saying that coal power stations cause floods, CO2 destroys sunsets, and moose will freeze due to global warming. The UN won’t ban them.

A few poll results you won’t hear on the ABC

The latest Rassmussen poll finds that 53% of US voters still say Clinton Should Have Been Indicted.

Most voters still disagree with the FBI’s decision not to seek a criminal indictment of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton over her mishandling of classified information when she was secretary of State, and even more rate the issue as important to their vote.

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US Election and Vote Rigging: The question is not “if”, but “how much”

Trump would have been crazy to sign a blank cheque  on election results when high ranking Democrat operatives admit on video that they cheat the system as much as they can. Scott Foval bragged they have been busing people in to key seats ” to deal with you fuckin assholes for fifty years, and we’re not going to stop now”. Who plays nice in the face of that rank hostility?

Hillary said Trump’s response was horrible, but the real horror is that it’s so easy to vote early and often and in the wrong place. If Hillary is so concerned about people having faith in the system, she could fix the system. Instead, as George Will points out, the Democrats are doing everything they can to stop voters being asked for ID.

  It is hard to think of an innocent reason why Democrats spend so much time, energy and money, scarce resources all, resisting attempts to purge the voter rolls, that is to remove people who are dead or otherwise have left the jurisdiction. It’s hard to think of an innocent reason why they fight so tremendously against Voter I.D. laws. They say, well that burdens the exercise of a fundamental right. The Supreme Court has said that travel is a fundamental right and no one thinks that showing an I.D. at the airport burdens that fundamental right.

It’s not Donald who has contempt for Democracy, it’s the Democrats.


If it can be done, why wouldn’t a means-to-an-ends team do it?

Some newspapers have declared Trump to be Hitler (Washington Post, The Daily Beast, Sydney Morning Herald, though sometimes he’s just Mossolini . So in the face of a genocidal maniac, maybe vote rigging feels like “saving the country” instead of cheating, lying, and trashing a democracy.

Scott Adams on  the third debate:

If you want a reason to be worried, ask yourself why the mainstream media is so keen on framing the election as “not rigged.” The message I’m getting from them, collectively, is that they think it will be. (Because it will be.) We just don’t know how much the rigging will matter.

Why do I say it will be rigged?

Because whenever humans have motive, opportunity, a high upside gain, and low odds of detection, shenanigans happen 100% of the time. Our vote-counting systems have plenty of weak spots. Rigging (to some degree) is a near guarantee.

So there will be  rigging. There already has been rigging (see the paper below). But is it enough to change the outcome? The political researchers think so. In a 2014 study Richman et al  found that vote rigging was already happening, and it “likely” did matter.

Non-citizens can vote themselves healthcare (which is a pretty sensible scam if a nation will let you get away with it)

We find that some non-citizens participate in U.S. elections, and that this participation has been large enough to change meaningful election outcomes including Electoral College votes, and Congressional elections. Non-citizen votes likely gave Senate Democrats the pivotal 60th vote needed to overcome filibusters in order to pass health care reform and other Obama administration priorities in the 111th Congress.”

Debate Highlights

Amazing, Pat found this in the Washington Post: Trump won the third debate. OK, just one among many in the same paper that said the opposite.

See the Clinton Cash movie if there is any one out there who still thinks Ms Hillary has US best interests at heart.

 Do non-citizens vote in U.S. elections?

a b s t r a c t
In spite of substantial public controversy, very little reliable data exists concerning the
frequency with which non-citizen immigrants participate in United States elections.
Although such participation is a violation of election laws in most parts of the United
States, enforcement depends principally on disclosure of citizenship status at the time of
voter registration. This study examines participation rates by non-citizens using a nationally
representative sample that includes non-citizen immigrants. We find that some
non-citizens participate in U.S. elections, and that this participation has been large enough
to change meaningful election outcomes including Electoral College votes, and Congressional
elections. Non-citizen votes likely gave Senate Democrats the pivotal 60th vote
needed to overcome filibusters in order to pass health care reform and other Obama
administration priorities in the 111th Congress.

h/t to a friend in the EU


Richman (2014) Do non-citizens vote in U.S. elections?, Electoral Studies 36,  149 — 157


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Dems killing Democracy? — Massive Voter Fraud for “50 years” and paid activists at Trump rallies.

Two damning videos released. Two heads claimed.

Allegedly, these schemes to illegally bus in false voters and to disrupt Trump rallies with deliberate violence, were approved “at the highest level” of the DNC. The second scalp claimed here (Bob Creamer) admitted on video that Clinton is aware of “all” of his work.

Project Veritas Undercover Video: Democrats Caused Violence at Trump Rallies: Paying leftist agitators, the homeless and the mentally ill, to cause melees at Trump rallies.

“Conflict engagement” means paying leftist agitators, the homeless and the mentally ill, to cause melees at Trump rallies.

Why isn’t the mainstream media apart from Fox News covering this new scandal? …

In terms of dollars donated to the Clinton and Trump campaigns, journalists favor Clinton by a factor of 27 to 1…

This newly revealed Reichstag fire of a plot by Democrats at the highest levels is “a direct assault on democracy and the rule of law,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) told Sean Hannity on Fox News Channel last night. “This is a hundred times bigger than Watergate.” …

Project Veritas: Dem Op Caught on Tape Explaining How They Get Away With Massive Voter Fraud, by Debra Heine.

Hannity discusses the fall out from the first video:

Two heads have already rolled today:

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Dont put Bill Leak on trial — Let’s try the Human Rights Commission instead

Bill Leak is a cartoonist, who did a cartoon highlighting the dismal state of some dysfunctional familes in central Australia. I can’t show you that cartoon and we can’t discuss appalling crime statistics nor why  “women of a certain ethnic group are 30 times (or 80 times) more likely to be beaten and hospitalized.”  Two women die every week but we can’t talk about the problem of people who stomp on someone else’s head because words might offend someone.)

Censored, Bill Leak Cartoon, SEction 18C, Human Rights Commission.

(You can see that cartoon at the Daily Telegraph).

Steyn points out that some Australians think that there are higher priorities than removing 18C, but I’m with him, all freedoms start with free speech. Until we get rid of 18C we can’t even discuss other problems.

The Human Rights Commission (HRC) takes $25 million dollars a year from Australians to stop people talking.

 Steyn – The point of the HRC is to shut people up. His advice is not to defend or debate the forbidden topic, but to make the HRC the topic:

I hope The Australian won’t compound that mistake by vigorously defending the cartoon on its merits. When Maclean’s and I ran afoul of the equivalent Canadian law – Section 13 – over a book excerpt from America Alone, the most important decision we made was not to defend the content of the piece: the facts, the quotes, the statistics, the conclusions, etc. Our opponents were not disputing our position; they were disputing our right to have a position.

Likewise, Mr Leak’s opponents are not attempting to engage him in debate; they’re attempting to close down the debate. And there’s no point getting in a debate with someone whose only argument is “Shut up – or else.”

In that sense, the Australian “human rights” regime and the Charlie Hebdo killers are merely different points on the same continuum: They’re both in the shut-up business, and they shut you up pour encourager les autres. They know that, for every cartoonist they silence, a thousand more will never peep up in the first place.

So this isn’t a debate about aboriginal policy or Islamic imperialism or anything else. It’s a debate about whether we’re free to debate. I take the view that the Australian state, like the Canadian state, should not be in the shut-up business. And, when they are, it’s they who are the issue, not you. When it’s a contest between a book or cartoon, on the one hand, and, on the other, a guy who says, “You can’t say that!”, it’s the latter who’s on trial. If you’re on the side that’s saying “Shut up!”, you’re on the wrong side.

[UPDATE: The sleazy tone-deaf Australian "Race Discrimination" Commissar, Tim Soutphommasane, confirms my point with the usual bland evasions of his totalitarian bureaucracy:

Cartoons will be subject to all matter of public debate. It's a healthy part of our democracy that we have that debate.

Sorry. A legal action is not a "debate". Mr Leak is being "subject to" not debate but state thought-policing. Because ideological enforcers like Soutphommasane find debate too tiresome and its results too unpredictable. Which is why he gets a third of a million a year from Australian taxpayers to prevent debate.]

The likes of Commissar Soutphommasane are not interested in a debate with you; they’re interested in eliminating you from the debate…

I am, unfortunately, not being satirical when I say we can’t discuss the deadly and dismal problems affecting certain ethnic groups. Please in comments, be mindful, that this post is about Section 18C.

The law reads:

Offensive behaviour because of race, colour or national or ethnic origin

             (1)  It is unlawful for a person to do an act, otherwise than in private, if:

  •  (a)  the act is reasonably likely, in all the circumstances, to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate another person or a group of people; and
  •  (b)  the act is done because of the race, colour or national or ethnic origin of the other person or of some or all of the people in the group.


The Human Rights Commission helpful explains here with examples just how vague, arbitrary, and subjective this law is. No Australian can know in advance if they are acting illegally unless they say nothing about anything, and that’s the point. No matter how honest you are and despite your good intentions or even if you speak the truth someone else gets paid to decide if a phrase is “likely” to offend, and to judge whether the same words might be legal or illegal if they are art, or you are trying to be funny. Are you a licensed artist? Is your intent “comedic”. The HRC will whip out the Funny-0-meter, the Mind-reader, and Their Lens of Artisticiness.

The IPA wants to repeal 18C. It should take five minutes in parliament to get rid of the words “insult” and “offend”.


Some thoughts that are used in debate,
May fall foul of an arm of the state,
And one can’t, by the way,
Suggest thoughts we can’t say,
As to do so invites a court date.


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Global warming may cause moose to freeze

Tragic news about moose today — the climate used to be the same for 65 million years, so moose are unprepared to deal with the sudden extra degree on the modern Earth-Perfect-Thermostat.

JACKSON, Wyo. – Global warming might cause moose to freeze to death in Yellowstone National Park.

Don’t cry. Moose are declining:

The reason for the decline is complicated. Wolves have taken moose, and grizzly bears have been expanding their presence.

But climate could be the biggest challenge. Part of the problem is ticks. A moose with too many of the parasites during the winter can lose its hair and freeze to death.

We all know, before Columbus there was one perfect quota of moose, bear, wolf. The numbers didn’t vary from the sacred Gaia Triangle Ratio (whatever it was). There were no cycles. Moose never declined. Then man came, used air conditioners in Florida, caused tick outbreaks in Saskatoon, and da fur fell off doz’ mooses. Cold moose!

In general, moose are simply better adapted to colder temperatures. When it’s too warm, they spend more time in the shade trying to cool down and less time feeding, Courtemanch said.

You might have thought fur-free moose might like warmer weather. They just can’t win eh?

“The warmer winters and warmer summers are incredibly stressful to them,” she said. “They’re so heat-stressed all the time. It cascades into poor body condition for females, and that impacts their ability to have a calf. They are so stressed they can’t put on enough weight every year.”

Sounds like da stressed mooses need psychotherapy. If we stopped trying to buy nice weather with solar and wind we could afford a psychotherapist for every mother moose. Stop a windfarm, save a moose!



What are these people on? Moose survived 60,000 years of climate change

Moose struggled through ice-ages and a holocene optimum when the arctic was so warm there was no sea-ice for thousands of years. I did a long 0.89 second search for “evolution of the moose” and the first paper that turns up tells us that moose have been squeezed through population bottlenecks many times and are noted for their ability to adapt to a changing environment.

One day, news outlets may teach writers to use google.

Hundertmark and Bowyer, 2004:

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India to more than double coal mining by 2020

Good news. India plans to add more fertilizer to the global air which will help feed the world. There is no charge.

India will become the world’s number 2 miner of coal by 2020, overtaking the US.  There are plans to ramp up from mining 634 million tons to 1.5 billion metric tons by 2020. That’s only 3 years away. China’s total coal use doesn’t even fit on this graph. As best as anyone can guess, China uses 3.7 billion ton each year.

How’s that ground breaking, world leading Paris agreement going?

Coal Mining India, China, Australia, 2016, Graph


Australia is the worlds largest coal exporter but our total exports of coal in 2014/15 were a tiny 393Mt (of both thermal and metallurgical coal). I’ve marked that in blue on the graph. We are only a large exporter because everyone else keeps the coal for their own use.

 More mining of India’s coal,
Fills another significant role,
That of plant-food increase,
By CO2 release,
Which should really be all mankind’s goal.

–  Ruairi

h/t to GWPF

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